We've all seen Tom Cruise or Harrison Ford or Matt Damon escape from a room that has no apparent way out. Now you can summon your own inner Indiana Jones and try the same thing. For real. Well, sort of.

Escape Rooms or Breakout Rooms are all the rage right now. Originating in the video game world, the concept is now being developed as live-action entertainment, in which you and your family members, friends, or co-workers are locked inside a themed room with no visible sign of exit. Your mission: solve the clues and "read the room" in order to unlock the key to escape.

Usually, you are given a 60-minute time limit and you race against the clock to get out of the room as fast as you can.

East Aurora-library
Credit: Don Dannecker/Izon Productions via newyorkupstate.com

A company called The Great Escape Room, with locations in Rochester and Albany, features a Sherlock Holmes-themed library you have to reason your way out of, while another company called Tru-Escape has locations in Queensbury and Albany. Their themed rooms include a bomb shelter, a top secret research lab, and a serial killer's creepy basement.

The Syracuse area offers a couple of other games, including 5 Wits at Destiny Mall and the Escape the Estate rooms in Dewitt. New York City has even more options.

Book your rooms in advance, because these live-action games become more and more popular around Halloween.


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