Do you absolutely hate grocery shopping? Don't you wish you could order all the stuff you need in advance, and then just go pick it up? Well, Hannaford Supermarkets on Commercial Drive in New Hartford is revolutionizing the grocery shopping experience. You can soon get everything you need without ever leaving your car. It's called Hannaford To Go, and it's arriving later this Fall.

The Hannaford brand already has this program in the works in several other cities nationally, including the newly added location in Oneonta, NY. All it takes is a few clicks of the mouse. You go to the Hannaford website, select your location, and begin shopping. Once you have made all your picks from either the "weekly flyer" section, or store inventory just tell them when you want to pick up your order, and they'll have it ready. In some locations, you have to go into the store to purchase the order, but at the Commerical Drive site, they are building a convenient "to go" line, allowing you to drive right up. You can order all the items online, but must purchase them when you get to the store to collect them.

Andy Cash/TSM
Andy Cash/TSM

If you sign in and create an account you can allow members of your family to log in separately, and choose the items they want on their own. This takes the hassle out of bringing everyone along, trying to fight people in line, or having to wait 15 minutes to order the cold cuts. For some people here in Central New York, their dreams have just come true. Now, all Hannaford needs to do is develop a new service that does dishes, and they'll be everyone's favorite. Hannaford To Go on Commerical Drive isn't expected to be opened until late October. If that's the case this magnificent invention will come in handy for all your Thanksgiving dinner needs.

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