Certain foods are not meant to be combined - like ever. The latest food combo from a CNY eatery crosses an unspoken line in food combos.

As part of their signature Lobsterfest event, Red Lobster has introduced Crispy Lobster and Waffles. According to their website: "Our signature Cheddar Bay waffle is topped with a crispy buttermilk battered split Maine lobster tail then drizzled with sweet maple syrup."

Now look, you can love lobster, and you can love waffles - but can you REALLY love them together? With syrup? Doesn't this cross some kind of food combination line? 

Of course, the waffle is made out of the same delicious batter that Red Lobster's biscuits are made out of, and those babies are yummy...but no. No no no. We're not going to be duped by a waffle/biscuit hybrid.

What's the reaction so far? Here's a sample:

What do you think, are you going to head over to the Syracuse or New Hartford Red Lobster and try this out? Send back your report.


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