Last weekend in Columbus, Ohio, the Arnold Sports Festival was held, which was founded by none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger. Bodybuilding in general has gotten very extreme. The muscles that these competitors are able to create through training and medication are out of this world. The women bodybuilders especially, though, have come a long, long way 

A bodybuilding competition called the Arnold Classic is part of the festival and ends up being the most important contest for professional bodybuilders other than the granddaddy of them all, Mr. Olympia.

So, men and women from around the world oiled up, pranced around on stage and flexed their crazy, steroid-enhanced muscles in front of a screaming crowd and a panel of judges.

This year's Arnold Classic female winner, Iris Kyle, looks nothing short of shocking.

Check It Out: A picture of Iris Kyle from this year's contest can be found here.

Check It Out: Here's a picture from a couple years ago where Iris Kyle is standing next to Arnold Schwarzenegger and making him look SMALL.

Scary right? When would you call “working out” too much a problem?