With all this bad spring weather we've been having, maybe you could use a staycation or a cozy weekend retreat in Central New York. There's an AirBnB rental just outside the cool village green in Clinton that you just have to see.

This particular rental is the entire house. The one-night fee is $350, but it accommodates five, so if you split the cost five ways it would be $70 a head--or for two couples, it would be $87.50 each. Well worth it, when you consider the warmth of the interior, the peace and quiet of the ten private acres, along with the proximity to Clinton. Check out the brief slideshow below:

Here's the entire post about this rental on AirBnB. You also get free WiFi, a free gym, and breakfast is included. This could be a great local getaway idea for you and some friends. Or, maybe a cool place for out-of-town visitors to stay while they're here.


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