A video of three CNY buddies enjoying a day at a water park will warm your heart and restore your faith in humanity.

Seven-year-old Jeffrey Mackey of Cicero was enjoying his day at a water park in Fulton. It's not as easy for Jeffrey, because he has cerebral palsy. When he gets cold, his muscles stiffen up making it hard for him to get around quickly. That's exactly what happened at the park when Jeffrey visited.

According to his mom, Andrea Mackey, he couldn't keep up with his friends at the park, but that didn't stop two of his pals, 5-year-olds Kane Raymond and Raya Joyce. His mom tells Syracuse.com, “They stopped and waited for him every time. They helped him walk up the ramp to the water slide and they waited for him at the bottom of the slide. They did this all day long.”

Andrea was so touched, she filmed the three as they made their way to another slide. The video went viral - with over 7 million views on Twitter.

No one had to tell Kane and Raya to help their friend - they just did it.  They followed the 'Golden Rule': treat others how you want to be treated. Hopefully, their kindness inspires others to be a little kinder and a little more considerate to the people around them.



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