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Beyond the Video: Perspectives on Racism in the Mohawk Valley
In a set of exclusive interviews, we take an in-depth look at all sides of the Genesee Street incident, getting perspectives from Jakeila Phillips, who was the target, and from Barry Wardell, caught hurling the racist epithets in a now-viral video filmed in Utica.
Racist Tirade in Utica Caught on Video
A video of a racist encounter on the streets of Utica has gone viral on social media, both for the vitriol spewed by the attacker, and the grace displayed by the recipient.
Viral Video Job Application
Most people apply for their dream job the old-fashioned way: cover letter, resume, and references. Dawayne Kirkland took things a step further. He created a rap-plication video for a job at VaynerMedia- and it's gone viral.

Dog Learns to Drink Water Right From the Fridge [VIDEO]
I remember growing up if I went to someone's house who had a refigerator where water and ice came right out of the door, it was so cool, because our fridge didn't have that feature. Now imagine the family dog learning to drink right from the fridge. Adorable or disgusting?

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