Chestertown native Billy Trudsoe is coming home to be the executive chef at an Adirondack eatery.

After dealing with the pressure of cooking for Gordon Ramsey on television, could anyone be more qualified to be an Executive Chef at a restaurant? If you are a fan of the 'Hell's Kitchen' reality cooking television show or have at least seen it a few times, you know EXACTLY what I am talking about.

Gordon expects excellence from his Hell's Kitchen chefs, and well, if they do not bring it, he certainly lets them know! Anyone who can deal with Gordon can pretty much tackle anything in life.

Local chef Billy Trudsoe, who did his thing on the latest season of Hells Kitchen, has been right in Gordon's crosshairs of excellence. And how has his experience with Ramsey influenced his approach? When I recently caught up with Billy he told me "He (Gordon) said to all of us (the contestants) don't let any person or anything stand in your way to your success...that was a big influence." Billy added it was "...surreal working for the culinary GOAT."

After making Upstate New York proud on the reality show, the talented chef is taking that experience as well as HIS many years working as a chef in the Lake George area to give new life to a restaurant in the Adirondacks.

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

Billy Trudsoe Is New Executive Chef At Basil & Wick's In North Creek

Trudsoe is returning to the area to be the Executive Chef of Basil & Wicks on Route 28 in North Creek. The restaurant has only recently been open on pop-up occasions, but Trudsoe says he is currently hiring a full staff for the eatery and is targeting early January for a full opening. As far as the menu, Trudsoe says diners can expect "The menu is basically going to be my signature dishes from my career...gastro pub with a little bit of European influence."

And of course, Billy says the menu will include some dishes you saw him prepare on Hell's Kitchen: his signature scallops that helped his team win a challenge and his Black Forest Chicken that he cooked for Gordon Ramsey.

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