Can you help locate a stolen 4 Wheeler in the city of Rome New York?

Nick Tennant posted to the Utica and 315 area garage sale Facebook group asking for help:

Stolen from Rome Walmart 7/19/21 between 3 am and 12 noon it’s a 2005 Polaris pheneix 200 wheeler along with 2 helmets one is a fox helmet and the other is a red black and grey fulmer helmet.

Along with the 4 wheeler, Nick's wallet, and everything in his wallet is missing. The 4 wheeler also has it's front headlight glass not in it.

I was on my way to work, and I stalled. A cop came and I ended up having a warrant, and the had me push it to Rome Walmart and leave it. Rome PD say that they didn’t have it towed."

Nick tells us he was unaware he had a warrant at the time he met up with Rome PD. Nick has filed a report with the police, and the police said they are having Walmart pull up the security videos from that night.

I received a message saying it might have been seen on Beaver Dam."

If you have any information, you can contact Nick online here.

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