On a recent trip to the New Hartford Town Park, we saw what we thought was a bright red bird perched on a branch - turns out it's a glove.

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That got us thinking. Someone out there has the lonely other half of this glove. A pair - forced apart by the whims of fate. It's kind of sad, actually. Maybe the glove is just looking for love - in all the wrong places. Maybe he needs to get on Match.com.

"Lonely glove, ready to keep you warm during those chilly days and night. I just want to put my hand on yours, and go though life together. I've always been better as a pair - I feel like I'm meant to be part of a team. Are you my palm-mate? Reach out and let's connect."

Are you the person holding on to this glove's mate? Have you wondered where your other glove got to? Welp, there it is. Just waiting to go home and be reunited.

Credit: Dave Coombs
Credit: Dave Coombs

Or maybe, this glove has been trying to "live off the land" and start a small community of other unmatched gloves. Yes, so far he's been unsuccessful - but he's persistent. Good things come to gloves who wait, right? Perhaps it's time to get all your unpaired gloves and bring them to the woods in the New Hartford Town Park. Do we need to start a single glove tree? God knows we could do it with socks.

If you happen to head into the woods - the glove is just off the green/blue trail - send us a picture of you and the lonely glove. And if it's your glove, let us know he found his way home.

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