You can help an Ilion mom say 'thank you' by finding the person who returned a missing wallet, with the contents intact.

Losing your wallet is stressful. You have to replace everything - and while you're waiting to do that, you've got no credit cards, no ID - and you probably lost cash too. That's why one Ilion mom is searching for the good Samaritan who found her daughter's wallet.

Cassie Burdick says her adult daughter Kayleigh had just moved into a new apartment when she lost her wallet outside Carbone GMC on Route 12 North about three weeks ago.

Credit: Cassie Battisti Burdick
Credit: Cassie Battisti Burdick

Cassie writes on Facebook, "It has been a nightmare trying to get a replacement license- she still hadn't been able to get one. In the meantime, she was offered a good job but couldn't proceed because of not having a physical license. Thankfully, they have been patient."

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Fortunately, this story has a happy ending, due to a mystery man - who found the wallet and returned it.

"Tonight while I wasn't home, a man with what we believe was a Hanson construction truck, brought her mangled wallet to our house (her license has our address) and gave it to Kris. He didn't think to ask his name, but he at least deserves a thank you. Please please share."

Do you know who this man is? If you do, please contact Cassie on Facebook, or email us at


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