Our local town of Camden New York has decided to not financially support the Camden library in 2021. Many Central New Yorkers are trying to save it.

A GoFundMe was established by Jessica Travers in January of 2021. She set it up after learning what was happening at the library:

Today, when my local library kindly called  to inform me that the books I requested had arrived, I was also informed that the library is forced to cut their operating hours. The librarian went on to say that local town had decided to not finacially support the library in 2021."

My first daughter was basically born in this library.  We've spent countless hours assembling puzzles, attending classes, meeting local authors, printing material for school, using the computers and of course borrowing books, CD's,  DVD's. I've saved thousands of dollars using the Camden Library. More than this, I have friends today whose frienship originated at the Camden Library. "

The goal of the GoFundMe is to raise $25,000. Camden usually provides $20,000 each year to the library. This goal would increase those funds.

NOTE: This fundraising effort is apart of GoFundMe Charity.   All money raised is automatically routed to the benefitting nonprofit Camden Library Association not the Organizer. 

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You can donate online here. Currently, at the time of this publication, the GoFundMe has raised over $12,000. You can also donate with offline donations. What are offline donations? They are donations made to the library apart from 'Go Fund Me' . These are donations that have been mailed, delivered-to or made in-person to the Camden Library.

This isn't just about a donation made to a building. This is what caring about education looks like. This is what caring about friendships looks like."

You can read more here.


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