The coffee scene in downtown Utica is getting a new addition. A barista bar is opening, specializing in Italian coffee drinks.

Utica has long been known for their food, but now they're becoming well-known for a sophisticated coffee scene. A new option for coffee is opening in the former Oneida Bank building at 268 Genesee Street.

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Joseph Putrello Coffee is opening November 19th, and will be open from 6:30am - 6pm Monday through Friday, and 7am - 4pm on weekends.

The shop specializes in Italian coffee drinks - and based on the photos on their Facebook page: YUM.

Affogato is coffee poured over ice cream. Um, take my money.

How about this?

That's the fanciest (and yummiest looking) hot chocolate I've ever seen.

In addition to their elegant specialty coffee drinks, 'standard' coffee, Putrello's also offers bulk coffee - ground or whole bean, which you can purchase online or in their new shop.

The shop's owner, Joseph Putrello, is also the owner of Avanti Home Entertainment. He's been posting updates as the shop came together, including construction and their custom built espresso machine.

Joseph Putrello Coffee joins Character Coffee and Utica Coffee Roasters in downtown Utica. Is Utica the coffee capital of Central New York now?

You can find Joseph Putrello Coffee on Facebook, online, and on Instagram.


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