Herkimer College officials say the $3.5 million solar energy project should begin construction this June.

The Herkimer Times-Telegram reports the project will include the installation of two photovolatic solar arrays that will produce more than 2,500 kilowatts of energy.

The solar arrays will be built on 10 acres of county-owned land behind the 911 Call Center on the Herkimer College Campus.

The energy produced won't be exclusively used by either the college or Herkimer County, but each entity will save around $80,000 per year in credits to their respective utility bills.

College officials say the array will be used for more than energy production, as new curriculum will be formed around the solar array, so students will be able to use it as a hands-on laboratory.

The Herkimer County Legislature approved the resolution last year, and if the project moves ahead on schedule the array could be hooked up to National Grid's power distribution system as early as December.

Installation of the solar array is being handled by SolarCity.

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