Herkimer College is warning past and present students of a scam going around on Facebook for a Loan Forgiveness program.

The ad is sponsored from "Leading Finance" and has the following message:


If you respond to the add, you are requested to give your phone number. Then, they call you NON STOP in order to steal your info. After doing research on Facebook, the page only has 60 followers, and is listed as a "Band" Facebook page. Reviews instantly show something is wrong:

Very rude on the phone, answered with no introduction and hung up me when I told the person my balance in loans.

I called and they asked me a few questions. The first one was:
1) are you working?
2) Is your work garnishing your student loans? I than responded to this question what does that mean? What do you mean Garnished...in regards to what specifically? She than responded they aren’t garnished and than I repeated myself again! She than signed loudly and than abruptly hung up on me!!!!!
I think this is a real scam... don’t call! Go on the governmental website and type in search engine “student loan forgiveness”. There should be an application to than submit to your work.

They are blatantly lying to people.

Herkimer College has posted on their Facebook page to warn you that it's not real:

If you see this message in your news feed, please disregard. Herkimer College has no knowledge of this program or company."

So there it is, watch out for this scam.

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