Can you find beauty in anything? Can you take a bunch of random objects and turn it into a masterpiece? Find out just how creative you can be with the "Bucket of Junk" competition at this year's Herkimer County Fair.

It's a new competition that's been added to the Herkimer County Fair this year, and it's sure to show off the artistic and creative abilities of its participants. And it's a pretty simple concept. You pick up your "Bucket of Junk" and create a sculpture using the pieces that were in the bucket. You must use ALL the pieces (except for the bucket). You can "alter" the pieces, however. According to the Herkimer County Fair's Facebook Page,

The contents can be cleaned, sanded, glued, weld, cut, bolted, fastened, bent, shaped, and painted. No pieces can be added or omitted. Create anything you desire with the contents...

Sounds pretty fun, right?!

You have to register for this event ahead of time. You can enter between now and July 30th, and you'll have to contact the fair so you can pick up your bucket and have time to create your masterpiece before the fair starts. According to the Fair's Facebook Page, you'll have to bring in your finished product on Monday, August 14th or Tuesday, August 15th, so it can be a part of the judging. You can get more information on this new competition by visiting: the Facebook Page of the Herkimer County Fair.

The Herkimer County Fair runs from Tuesday, August 15th through Sunday, August 20th, with something for everyone. There will be live music, carnival rides, tractor pulls and the demolition derby, bingo, pageants, other competitions, and of course all that delicious fair food. So even if an artistic contest isn't for you, there's still something you'll find and enjoy at the fair.





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