It's not every day you see wayward farm animals hanging out by the side of the road. (Except in Utica, where it seems to be a fairly regular occurrence.)

Two Department of Transportation workers were setting out for a regular day, cleaning up a roadside along Route 203 in Columbia County, when they encountered a bunch of goats having a little adventure by the side of the road. The area had recently been hit by a pretty big storm, but we're pretty sure

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The goats had escaped from a nearby pasture and were munching their way along the road when Bill Quinn and Nate Clum happened upon them. Quinn and Clum helped wrangle the goats - who are now right back where they belong.

Of course, Utica is no stranger to errant animals. Three years ago, there was a cow that was on the run for several days in Utica. We've also had wayward sheep, another cow, a bull, and then the goat that got loose in Marcy and climbed up underneath the overpass. Of course, there have been horses in the roadway - and of course, chickens. Oh, and let's not forget the geese that basically rule The Orchards. You'll cross the road when they let you.
Have you run into any random animals on your travels?

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