The best part about Thanksgiving might possibly be the food right? Well, Thanksgiving isn't generally the lowest calorie holiday. Here's a list of the highest calorie Thanksgiving foods. 

According to Q985Online, the average person consumes 4500 calories on the biggest eating holiday of the year. That's a ton right? Who doesn't love to fill up on this day! compiled a list of the Thanksgiving foods with the highest calorie count, here's the Top 5:

5. One-cup mashed potatoes with gravy: 342 calories
4. One-cup cornbread dressing: 358 calories
3. One piece of homemade apple pie: 411 calories
2. One piece of homemade pecan pie: 503 calories
1. One-cup sweet potatoes with marshmallows: 587 calories"

Watch out for those sweet potatoes! However, we'll never tell you what to eat and not to eat!

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