If you're looking for a hike that takes you past three waterfalls, you'll need to visit this Presidential state park, located just 2 hours from Utica.

Fillmore Glen State Park, named for our 13th President, Millard Fillmore. Fillmore was born in the Finger Lakes, and helped found the University of Buffalo. The park is named for Fillmore, and is located adjacent to Moravia, in Cayuga County. A replica of the log cabin in which President Fillmore was born is located within the park.

There are three hiking trails within the park, the North and South Rim trails, and the Gorge Trail. Unfortunately, the Gorge Trail is closed for the remainder of 2020 due to damage. Even so, you can hike both rim trails, and walk past three waterfalls.

Credit: H Ray/Alltrails.com

While Alltrails.com rates both trails as 'kid friendly', both rim trails have long stretches where no railing or guard separates the hiker from a very precipitous drop. Unless your children are willing and able to be cautious, I'd skip this hike with small children.

The South Rim trail was well maintained, but the tree roots amid the trail mean you need to keep your eyes down to avoid tripping. The North trail was a bit tougher, because we were hiking up the gorge instead of down - in several steep parts, stairs were either formed from wood beams or rock.

Credit: Beth Coombs/TSM
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I recommend hiking from the park entrance near the Cowshed (check out the waterfall there), up the South Rim to the dam, and then DOWN the North Rim - your quads will thank you. If you'd prefer the challenge, start at the top and hike down the south trail and up the North.

Fillmore Glen State Park