One thing is for sure, a lot of laughter is going to happen at his show.

Get Ready To Have Your Mind Blown By Comedy

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Gabriel Iglesias is one of the funniest touring comedians currently. If you've never seen him, or have attended dozens of his shows, you owe it to yourself to go when he comes to Central New York in August.

August Is Only A Few Months Away

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Mark it in your calendar though, on August 5th the fluffy comedian is coming to Turning Stone in Verona for one night. August 5th happens to be a Friday, which is always better when seeing shows.

One Joke Skyrocketed His Career

Gabriel Iglesias Performs At The Mirage In Las Vegas
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He references his weight in many, if not all of his standup specials. It was in 2009 when he made a joke and referred to himself as 'fluffy'. That one joke made him wildly popular with crowds all across the United States.

Iglesias also has made a career through a variety of other ventures. He is often seen in food videos on YouTube and the Food Network. Iglesias also has a love for automobiles too. If you've ever seen inside his California garage, you've seen a giant collection of Volkswagen vans.

How big is the collection?

The comedian's VW Bus collection, as of 2019 worth in excess of $3 million dollars.

For tickets to see Iglesias perform his comedy live, go on sale on April 29th at 10 am.

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