Like the rest of America, you're probably fretting over just how to fill out your NCAA Tournament bracket.

Well, here's some help from an unexpected source.

A panel of little kids gives some unique perspective on the field. Sure, they don't understand the metaphorical concept of a sleeper, but, hey, you know what? Neither does the secretary in the typing pool who's somehow won your office pool the last three years. Is her rationale for picking an 11 seed to go to the Sweet 16 that far off from the logic these kids have?

One kid thinks John Calipari will win 180 games in this year's tournament and while his Kentucky team is the odds-on favorite, that may be a little much. After all, this tot probably couldn't tell Kentucky from Ken Griffey, Jr., so his expertise should be taken with more than just a grain of salt. Another is convinced the best coach in basketball is Darth Vader and his team will win it all. Strangely, the third makes a somewhat reasonable choice by saying North Carolina will go all the way.

Sadly, no matter how much research we do or how many people we poll, our picks may still be worse than the ones proffered by these youngsters, which just goes to show that filling out your bracket is nothing more than dumb luck.

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