It's all about Hilary Duff in the new lyric video for her latest single 'All About You'!

The 26-year-old singer bares all in the flirty and fun vid, showing off revealing flashes of skin in quick cuts and close-ups. She even flaunts a few of her tattoos, including a little red heart on her wrist and a line of script that reads "Thick as thieves."

With Hilary's hints at nudity, her tousled hair and her bright red nails trailing over her body, the video could totally be a mega sexy concept that doesn't quite fit the summery, lighthearted sound of the song. She tones it down, though, with her carefree dancing and the playful, almost magical lighting that pops up around the lyrics that scroll across the screen.

Overall, it's a cute, flirtatious vid that Hilary looks gorgeous in (of course), and it makes us even more excited to see what the actual music video will be like.

Check out the 'All About You' lyric video above!

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