Procrastinators, this one is for you.  If you've been putting off your online holiday shopping, mark your calendar for some serious shopping on December 17th.

Next Monday, December 17th is Free Shipping Day.  Not only will you find lots of Christmas deals online, you'll also be able to get free shipping.  And yes, your packages are guaranteed to get there by Christmas Eve.  Kohl's, Best Buy and the Home Depot are some of the many merchants that will offer free shipping that day.  So far, has a list of 1,173 merchants taking part in Free Shipping Day.  However, some retailers wait until that day to let customers know they'll be shipping for free.  How well does free shipping work for customers and retailers?  Consider this.  In 2010, online shoppers spent a whopping $942 million on Free Shipping day!  It was the third biggest holiday spending day of the year two years ago.  I can feel the money draining out of my wallet as I write this!