Everyone's getting into the holiday spirit and that includes JR and Naomi Lynn - This week's 'Would You Rather' question is all about making this time of the year easier.

Who wouldn't want an easier holiday season? Even if you absolutely love Christmas, there are a few things we're sure you could use some help with - Whether it's wrapping presents, shopping, cooking for friends and family, getting a tree, putting up Christmas lights... Or everything else that happens during this time of the year - If something was taken off your plate, it wouldn't be that bad right?!

This week's "Would You Rather" question is about just that. We want to take one thing away - And you get to pick which one you would rather have someone else take care of.

Alright, today's question...

Would You Rather:
Have someone take care of all your Christmas shopping
(you give them the list and money and they deal with the crowds and craziness)
- OR -
Have someone take care of all your Christmas decorations
(and we mean ALL - getting and decorating the tree, hanging up lights, displays and cards around the house)

So which one would you choose? Let us know - Vote in the poll below:

You can also tell us why you chose your answer - Leave us a note in the "comments section" at the bottom of this page, or leave a message on our Lite 98.7 Facebook Page.



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