Some of you out there may not have been as lucky to have been around for what was — for some of the millennials, at least — easily considered the heyday of TV programming for tweens and teens alike. Don’t get it twisted, before Hilary Duff was the singing starlet she is today, she was the completely relatable Lizzie Maguire. And don’t even get us started on Selena Gomez's adorable debut as Gianna on Barney & Friends. (Oh yeah, we went there.)

From memorable oldies like All That and Cousin Skeeter to the early 2000s era, when practically everyone caught an early addiction to the Harry Potter series and High School Musical, it’s hard to imagine what our lives would have been without the shows that practically molded our childhood and teen years.

Thankfully, many of our childhood idols from the past are still around doing what they love today. You may or may not have seen this coming, but these young stars don’t all look like they used to when they were just kids.

If there’s anything we’re grateful for—aside from family, friends and all the shameless eating we’ll be doing today—it’s the gratification felt after seeing just how smoking hot our childhood faves turned out to be.

Check out all the familiar faces in our gallery above.

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