We're you watching Sunday night football? We're you enjoying The Houston Texans vs. the Indianapolis Colts game? There seemed to be a lot of excitement from the Houston Texans as they walked off the field at halftime with a 21 to 3 lead. The excitement quickly turned to worry when their head coach Gary Kubiak collapsed.

Coach Kubiak is 52 years of age and has had no known health problems. He was feeling dizzy and when he collapsed, he was put on a stretcher and sent to a hospital. The Texans would not identify which one to NBC TV.

USA Today and The Indianapolis Star report:

Texans assistant coaches were told that taking Kubiak to a hospital was a precautionary measure and that he did not have a heart attack, NBC reported. He did not lose consciousness and his family was with him at the hospital.

"He had an episode; he was light-headed and dizzy," Houston general manager Rick Smith said in an interview on NBC. "He was evaluated by a number of specialists … he is awake and coherent.

"We have to assess … obviously, there's a lot of info," Smith said. "Hopefully, Gary will be back with us tomorrow."

The Texans led 21-3 at halftime but lost 27-24.