One of Hollywood's most famous and beautiful power couples spends plenty of money to look that good.  Just how much do Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie spend?  Thousands of dollars monthly, according to Star magazine.

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

While it's not unusual for actors and actresses to try to beat the clock with over the top beauty treatments and surgeries, Brad and Angelina need to keep commanding those hefty salaries to pay for all these expensive beauty treatments.  Here's a peek at what they do to look so good.

Angelina Jolie spends:

$72,000 annually for 1000 liters weekly of Evian Natural Spring Water for her bath to revitalize her skin.

Twice a month, according to Star, she has acid peels and microdermabrasion on her face, to the tune of $12,000 annually.

Jolie spends $3000 to get rid of dark circles under her eyes

$24,000 for Russian bovine placenta facials twice a month

$18,000 for Botox every month

$30,000 on laser liposuction for her back, thighs and stomach

$15,000 a month on bee venom facials

$9400 on fine jewelry abrasive scrape peel, which uses crushed diamonds, rubies and amethysts to exfoliate the skin.

Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

Brad Pitt has his share of beauty treatments too.  Here's a glimpse:

 $10,000 on Juvederm filler for around his mouth three times a year

$24,000 on coolsculpting for those love handles

$15,000 on oxygen facials

$18,000 on Botox for his face

$15,000 a month on bee venom facials

$2000 on monthly laser resurfacing peels

I didn't do the math but it's a big chunk of change to keep looking good.  Oh, the price of fame.