Being a newspaper reporter is the worst job to have in America.  That's the word from which looked at five factors to compile a list of the ten worst jobs to have in 2013.

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images puts newspaper reporter at the top of the list for worst job in America.  The reasons include shrinking budgets and newsrooms, internet competition, high stress, low pay, tight deadlines and the need to work in any type of environment/condition in order to get the story.  Plus, job security isn't look strong for newspaper reporters.

The five factors used to rank jobs are work environment, income, physical demands, hiring outlook and stress.  These are the other worst jobs in America, plus a glance at the average pay.

2.  Lumberjack  $32,870

3.  Enlisted military personnel  $41,998

4.  Actor  $17.44 an hour

5.  Oil rig worker $37,640

6.  Dairy farmer $60,750

7.  Meter reader $36,400

8.  Mail carrier $53,090

9.  Roofer $34,220

10.  Flight attendant $37,740

Graduation season is fast approaching.  Wonder what journalism students think of this list?