Gloves can help prevent the spread of disease - but only if worn when appropriate and removed properly.

During the coronavirus pandemic, many have taken to wearing gloves as an extra measure of safety. In fact, experts say wearing gloves to conduct daily activities like running to the grocery store doesn't provide any extra protection - and could make matters worse, as viruses and bacteria could cling to the glove's surface.

The CDC recommends curbside pick-up from the grocery store, if possible. If not, wear a mask, maintain social distancing, use hand-sanitizer, and wash your hands when you get home.

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If you are wearing gloves as part of your job, experts recommend the following:

First, do not touch your face or your phone.

Second, improper removal of gloves can spread the virus from the outside of the gloves to your hands. Proper removal is a specific procedure, the prevents your skin from coming in contact with the exterior of the gloves.

Of course, once the gloves are removed, you must dispose of them properly to avoid putting others at risk.

Here's the right way to take your gloves off:


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