When it rains a ton, the roads across Central New York flood. Roads vary how they flood, and when they do. Here's some safety tips to remember while driving through flooded New York streets. 

Experts report that the average car can be swept off the road in 12 inches of moving water, and roads covered by water are prone to collapse. Attempting to drive through water also may stall your engine, with the potential to cause irreparable damage if you try to restart the engine.

1) Do not drive through standing water on roads or in parking lots

2) Do your best to estimate the depth of the water.

3) Drive slowly and steadily through the water.

4) Avoid driving in water that downed electrical or power lines have fallen in — electric current passes through water easily.

5) Stay off YOUR PHONE. Pay attention to the roads.

6) Before approaching the flooded road, decrease your speed or stop completely.

7) Don't stop in the middle of the flooded road especially if the flood is deep otherwise water would damage the engine of your vehicle.



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