Being broke is no fun. Even though you may be working fulltime, you may still not have a lot of money. What are some other ways to make fast bucks?

Instead of getting that extra part-time job, consider these great ways from to make money:

  • Start a Blog- These days, you can start a blog within minutes. Then, it's just a matter of writing content and monetizing the blog with Google Adsense or other Ad Services.
  • Paid Surveys- If you have a few minutes of free time on your hands, hook up with marketing companies that are looking for opinions on different products. Try to start with.
  • eBay- One person's trash is another person's treasure, so try selling your old stuff online. It can't hurt to list it and see what happens.
  • Human Research- Some hospitals and nursing colleges are always looking for research study participants. You might get poked and prodded, but the paycheck at the end might make it all worthwhile.

What else would you suggest to make money?