There's a way to avoid getting the end of your driveway plowed in, and it doesn't involve moving to Florida.

It happens every winter: you finish snow blowing or shoveling your driveway, and then a plow goes by and buries the end of your driveway in a foot of heavy snow. The plow drivers are just doing their job, but it means you've got to get back out there with a shovel.

If you drive a car that struggles in the snow on a good day, sometimes, being plowed in means the difference between getting to work on time and being late. At our house, my SUV can generally power over the pile of snow the plow leaves behind, but my daughter's Honda really struggles.

It turns out, there's a trick to shoveling that can help you avoid having your driveway plowed in. Basically, you shovel out a section to the left of the driveway (or the right, if you're facing your house.) The State of Missouri's DOT has a handy dandy video.

We are totally trying this the next time it snows.

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