Another week of very cold temps here in Central New York and I'm already dreading my next National Grid bill.  What can you do to save some money on your heating bill this winter?  Try some of these tips from the workbench

Did you know the average American family spends $1300 a year on heating and cooling their home?  Some simple steps you can take will save both energy and money on heating your home this winter.  Take the extra money you save and stash it away for spring home renovations or a little getaway.

1.  Reverse your ceiling fan.

2.  Use insulated drapes.

3.  Close the fireplace flue.

4.  Don't close heating vents.

5.  Seal electric outlets.

6.  Run ventilation fans only when necessary, not continuously.

7.  Use your oven more for cooking and you'll enjoy radiant heat.

8.  Only use a space heater to heat a small room. 

There you have it.  Now if we can just get Mother Nature to bump up the temperatures, we'll be all set.