Boilermaker Sunday is fast approaching, but if you signed up and now can't run for whatever reason, you are able to transfer your registration to another runner. 

Over the past couple days we've received numerous phone calls at the radio station from individuals who signed up to run the race, but are now unable to participate. We're sorry to hear to hear, but your registration fee doesn't have to go to waste.

Matt Hubbell learned this first hand when one of his friends offered to transfer his registration over to him. If you have a buddy or relative that wants to run the race, but they missed the registration deadline (like Matt,) you are easily able to gift your unused tag to them by following these simple instructions at

1) Go to, click on "SIGN IN".
2) Enter your email and password then click "SIGN IN"
3) Click on "PROFILE".
4) You will see your name scroll to the blue boxes at the bottom.
5) Under Runner Links is "My Registered Races" click on that.
7) On the left side blue box is "Transfer to Another Runner" click on that
8) in Recipient Information type in the person's First Name,Last Name and Email Address.
9) Select the Transfer Type: "Registration Gift" or "Registration Transfer" (TRANSFER FOR A REFUND


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