New York Loves the Bronx Zoo

First opening in 1899, the Bronx Zoo holds a special place in many New Yorkers' hearts. Not only is it one of the county's largest attractions (the zoo welcomes over two million visitors each year), it has a focus on conservation and community outreach that has touched thousands. Part of the continuing effort to share the zoo with as many New Yorkers as possible is their free admission program.

Tamer_Desouky/Kristin Castenschoild via Canva
Tamer_Desouky/Kristin Castenschoild via Canva

Free Wednesdays at the Bronx Zoo

Every Wednesday in 2023, a limited amount of zoo patrons will be able to visit the zoo for either a discounted rate or for no charge at all. While tickets for visitors 13 years and older are generally $33.95, Wednesday admission is available for two options: $9.95 and $0. It's great news for animal enthusiasts, but there are still a few guidelines you'll need to follow to have a successful (and free) visit.

Leamus via Canva
Leamus via Canva

How to Get into the Bronx Zoo for Free

First, reservations are required to be made in advance. As the Bronx Zoo states, "DO NOT come to the zoo without a reserved ticket". Second, the zoo box office will open its Wednesday reservations on each prior Monday at 5pm until they are sold out for that week. Free ticket reservations are limited to four tickets per party.

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