You just can't fix stupid. If you're going to hunt illegally by baiting deer and bears in New York you probably shouldn't post about it on social media.

A hunter is accused of killing a mama bear while it was eating out of a neighborhood dumpster with its cubs, first with a bow and then with a shotgun after tracking it into the woods. If that wasn't bad enough, several pictures of the hunter, two friends, the bear, and the shotgun were posted on social media.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Officers were notified of the illegal bear hunt in Rochester and didn't have trouble finding the guilty parties.

ECOs interviewed the hunter who admitted to shooting the bear as it was feeding on the trash and confirmed he and his accomplices had killed it.

The bear hide and meat were seized and the hunter was issued several tickets for unlawfully taking a black bear, hunting with the aid of a pre-established bait pile, and possessing a firearm afield during the special archery season.

One accomplice was also ticketed for hunting with a revoked license and possessing a firearm afield during the special archery season. Charges are pending against the third accomplice.

Credit - NYSDEC
Credit - NYSDEC

Illegally Baiting Deer

Another hunter is accused of baiting several deer and even shooting one from his bedroom window

The DEC received a complaint about someone unlawfully hunting over bait behind an apartment complex in the town of Wilmington.

The complainant advised the hunter took a seven-point buck and a doe on the morning, and an eight-point buck the week before. Other witnesses reported seeing the individual shooting a crossbow from the breezeway of the apartment complex and loading the deer into his truck.

The hunter admitted to shooting all three deer with a crossbow over bait. He even acknowledged shooting the doe from his bedroom window.

11 tickets were handed out for illegally taking wildlife, hunting with a crossbow out of season, discharging a crossbow within 250 feet of a residence, hunting with the aid of bait, and improperly tagging deer.

All three deer were given to the Venison Donation Coalition to help feed needy families in New York.

Credit - NYSDEC
Credit - NYSDEC

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