The husband of 19-year-old Elizabeth Garrow McDonald of Canastota has been officially charged with her murder.

Authorities in Madison County announced a grand jury indictment for a charged of second-degree murder against 24-year-old George McDonald Jr. on Thursday. The young mother was reported missing in late September after last being seen at a coffee shop in Canastota with her husband. Her body was found several days later in an area off of North Main Street in Canstota. 'Lizzie', who police say was also pregnant, was stabbed to death, with the murder weapon found just feet from her body, authorities said in announcing the murder charge.

Elizabeth Garrow (provided by Madison County Sheriff's Office)
Elizabeth Garrow (provided by Madison County Sheriff's Office)

''We have solid, indisputable proof that they were together on the day of her death,'' said prosecutor Bob Mascari, noting that George McDonald was with his wife in violation of an ongoing order of protection.

He did not elaborate on evidence again George McDonald Jr. or the statements he made to police while in custody, saying he preferred to argue the case in court, not in from of media microphones.

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''Cooperation is a funny word,'' Mascari said, acknowledging McDonald had made statement to police but stopped short of classifying it as cooperation.

The prosecutor also said due to a backlog of cases because of the coronavirus pandemic, a potential trial wouldn't come until mid-2021 at the earliest. McDonald pleaded not guilty at arraignment earlier in the day. His next court appearance is scheduled for January.


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