You can get pretty loopy after waking up from surgery. Sometimes you may say things that don't make sense, or maybe you didn't actually want to say. This guy probably said the best thing he possibly could have to his wife.

This guy is just waking up after surgery and his wife decides to film him. While she's trying to get him to eat a cracker, he's completely distracted by her beauty. He starts saying things like "You're the prettiest girl I've ever seen," and "Are you a model?"

The woman then tells him they're actually married, and that's when he really starts losing it. Check out the video, see for yourself - a husband that really, REALLY must be in love.

WARNING: Language NSFW at 1:06 of video

This woman has got to be feeling pretty lucky right now. Even in that confusion state after surgery, her husband thinks he's the luckiest man alive.