So, this week we observed National Dog Day, celebrated every August 26th.

In honor of that, we contacted renowned dog expert Harlan Pepper, from the 2000 hit film Best in Show, to help us determine what dog breed would best represent some of the largest cities and towns in the Mohawk Valley. Here are his "findings" for a few of the most prominent areas in the Utica-Rome market:

  • Utica is...a German Shepherd. They're reserved dogs and don't make friends immediately. Once they do, they're extremely loyal.
  • Rome is...a Beagle. They're cheerful and affectionate dogs, and prefer to have some companionship. Kinda like Rome has a companionship with Utica?
  • New Hartford is...a Golden Retriever. They're intelligent and playful, and get along well with everyone, even with strangers.
  • Whitestown is...a Doberman. They're watchful, determined, and never shy.
  • Herkimer is...a Rottweiler. They're calm, confident, and courageous--just like the general after which the town was named.
  • Ilion is...a Bulldog. They have a sweet, gentle disposition. They're dependable and predictable. Hey, it is what it is in Ilion.
  • Clinton is...a Poodle. They're alert, intelligent, loyal and active. And just like poodles, Clinton folks kinda know they look good.

If you have any disagreements with Harlan Pepper, or you want to pair up another dog with a different Mohawk Valley town, please drop us a note.

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