If you summed up the entire city of Utica and described it as a food, what food would it be?

Describing something as a food can be tough enough - There's a million different types of food, and a million more ways to take it - As in, using salty foods to describe something bitter or using sour foods to describe something awful.

With all those options available, describing a place using food can be just as tough. Are we just looking at the good things in a place? The good and the bad? How to you characterize many aspects of an area into one food. Sounds impossible, doesn't it?

Well, we're going to try, anyways.

Utica is not going to be described as the foods it's famous for - No chicken riggies, greens, halfmoons, tomato pie, or any of that sort of food. Instead, we're going to leave it open to every food that's possibly available.

Greens and Riggies

So, if Utica were a food, what food would it be?

First we have to describe Utica. Utica is a melting pot of people (so we need a food with a variety of flavors). The city has been through a lot - some rough times and good times (so we'll need something possibly bittersweet or something with hints of sourness). The last feature we're going to take in account is how people feel about Utica - You either love it or hate it (so we need a food that not everyone likes).

Alright, we have our answer. Combining all the descriptions above, if Utica were a food, it would be...


Poutine is a unique mix of food - french fries, gravy, cheese curds - and in some places, you can get even get it with brisket. It's something not everyone likes - but you either love it or hate it. Poutine has a variety of flavors in each bite from the saltiness of the the fries and cheese curds to the creaminess of the gravy. That describes Utica pretty well.

If you don't like that answer you can have a boring answer too, like a chef salad or stir-fry. Those dishes fit the description, as well.



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