How did some of these streets get their name? They're pretty 'interesting,' to say the least.

You've probably noticed some of these street names while driving around Utica. They're enough to make you scratch your head, or at least make you slightly curious about how they got their names.

Some of these streets are probably named after someone, but the name itself looks weird, or hard to pronounce. Others just seem a little goofy.

Here is a list of our Top 10 favorite ones:

1. Brinckerhoff Avenue - This one HAD to be someone's name. It's probably hard for the children who live on this street, to learn how to spell it.

2. Utica Road - How original.

3. Dwyer Avenue - We've seen this one many times, but something just makes it stick out. It may have to do with the "D-W-Y" right next to each other - You usually don't see those letters together.

4. Bacon Street - Sounds like a wonderful road.

5. Jason Street - It seems kind of plain for a street name. At least it's not 'Bob Street' or 'Frank Street.'

6. City Street - ...What?!

7. Winner Avenue - Now this is a street we could live on. It's where all the people who are succeeding at life live, right?

8. Waverly Place - If you're a fan of The Simpsons or know of the band Weezer, you should be able to enjoy this one. (Yes, it's 'Place' and not 'Hills,' but it's close enough).

9. Marlboro Road - Hmmm... We hope this one is someone's name, too. It wasn't 'inspired' by anything... hopefully.

10. Butterfield Avenue - This one is just interesting - 'butter' and 'field.' Too bad it's not close to Bacon Street.


What are some "interesting" street names you've noticed around Utica? Did we forget any of the good ones?
You can let us know in the 'comments section' at the bottom of this page.



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