While you and I go about our daily lives, there are men and women in the US Navy deployed across the globe and ready to defend our country at a moment's notice. One such sailor is Ilion, NY native Navy Petty Officer Grant Gonyea, who is currently serving aboard USS John C. Stennis.Petty Officer Gonyea is a Damage Controlman 3rd class who's been in the Navy for almost two and a half years.  In the picture, you can see him showing Yeoman Simmons the proper way to apply a banding patch aboard USS John C. Stennis, a Nimitz class aircraft carrier.

What the US Navy does matters a great deal. More than 70% of our planet is covered by water and our sailors aboard submarines, aircraft and ships patrol the oceans and keep us safe.

Air craft carriers like the one Gonyea serves on can also provide humanitarian assistance, such as food, clean water and medical help during times of crisis around the world.

To Petty Officer Gonyea and all who serve in the US Navy and our other military branches, thanks for all you do to defend America and our freedom.

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