The Village of Ilion lost a small piece of its history earlier this week as the staircase that connects West Main Street with First Ave, known to area residents as 'Woody's Path' was removed by the village.

Originally reported by The Valley Side, the stairs were removed by Village of Ilion DPW 'in a matter of hours,' on Tuesday.

The concrete stairs on 'Woody's Path' behind the Elks Lodge and Ilion Connection(formerly Woody's Repair Shop) have been in disrepair for decades. Most residents who utilize the path don't even use the stairs, but instead opt to hike around them.

While the stairs were a potential hazard, it is still a little sad to see a piece of Ilion's history gone.

Ilion Mayor Terry Leonard told The Valley Side, "I think the complaint was made in the heat of the issue with the Remington stairs."

The 'Remington Stairs' he refers to are a set of 109 concrete stairs that connect Otsego Street with Remington Ave and Armory Street.

Those stairs have been crumbling as well and were closed to the public in late 2015, sparking a debate within the Village as to what to do with the staircase in the future.

Check out a few images of a now stair-free 'Woody's Path.'

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