Here's a driving question you may have never thought of- Is it illegal to eat while driving your car or truck in New York State?

You might be cruising down the thruway, or maybe trying to finish a hamburger on the arterial in Utica. Did you ever stop to think if eating behind the wheel was illegal or not?

The answer is Yes and No......Now, what in the world does that mean?

There is no law that specifically states that you cannot eat while driving in New York State. According to Trusted Choice, New York does have a “dangerous driving” regulation you might have to watch out for though:

New York does have a “dangerous driving” regulation that may be used against you if the distraction of eating causes you to drive erratically. If you just have to eat while driving, do it with extreme caution to avoid getting into an accident or committing a traffic violation. "

Weiss & Associates points out that New York State has a broader law that prohibits reckless driving (VTL 1212) but that law is not applicable to eating per say.

New York City has a “dangerous driving” regulation but that law is only violated if a driver operates a “vehicle in a manner that will endanger any person or property”, again not likely applicable to someone safely driving while biting and chewing."

So you may be safe from a ticket, or other fines, if you are eating while driving. However, that doesn't mean you're able to ignore other laws and rules. You can't allow the food to distract you enough where it becomes a problem.

Hamburger probably fine......chinese takeout would be tricky.

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