How few Munchkins are you allowed to buy at Dunkin' Donuts? We wanted to find out so we did a little research.

If you're health conscious or watching your waistline you probably still need to get your sweet tooth fix right? If that's the case, you don't want to order a dozen donut holes, you only want 3. But does Dunkin' Donuts allow you to order just a few of them? We wanted to find out.

Here's what we concluded after calling and visiting a few local stores.: The Munchkin Minimum varies from shop to shop.

Munchkin Minimum

112 N. Genesee Street- 1

81 Oriskany Blvd.- 5

4862 Commercial Drive- 1

8471 Seneca Turnpike- 3

5264 Willow Place, Verona- 3

FYI: 1 Munchkin will cost you about 28 cents, and each one has approximately 70 calories.


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