My trip to Titletown proved to be monumental. I had no idea that America's first Dunkin Donuts shop is located in Quincy, Massachusetts just a short drive from downtown Boston. I had to check it out for myself.

Unlike most Dunkin Donuts shops, our nations and world's first has no drive-thru service. If you're in a huge hurry for your morning coffee you may want venture down the road to the next nearest location.

According to Roadside America:

 The shop had been renovated many times since 1950, so it looked like every other DD out there. Until late 2011, the only way to know the significance was a small plaque mounted on the wall near the exit. In December 2011 the shop was completely "retro-renovated" to honor its past as the doughnut shop that started it all.

Matt Hubbell

Can you believe that coffee was just 10 cents a cup when the Company's founder Bill Rosenberg opened for business 65 years ago?! Today, there are more than 6000 shops globally. The shop's original name was "Open Kettle." It was renamed two years later to Dunkin Donuts.

Matt Hubbell

Just Jen and I talked about my visit today.