That date is less than a month away and most of you should be enjoying some great home-cooked chili, live bands and of course ice-cold beers at our second-annual Chili-palooza, but when you’ve had your fill of the festivities, head on over to your friendly Verizon or AT&T store as the new iPhone 5 just might be ready for your eager fingers to nab! It was initially thought that mid-late October would be the launch date but rumor and some sleuthy guessing have pegged it for late September and here’s why:

First of all, reportedly Verizon and AT&T retail employees across the board have been getting their late September vacation requests denied. If this happens to be just a coincidence however, all we need do is pay attention to Apple’s practices in the past when releasing a new product in order to predict this release:

Last year Apple announced the iPhone 4S on a Tuesday, October 4th. The phone went up for pre-order on that Friday, October 7, and was available in stores on Friday, October 14, a week later.

The iPhone 5/2012 timeline looks almost identical:

  • Expected announcement: Wednesday, September 12
  • Expected pre-order date: Wednesday, September 12
  • Launch date, as confirmed by our trusted source: Friday, September 21

Whether or not this detective work is sound, here’s a video previewing leaked details and photos of the new iPhone: Enjoy, and I’ll be fighting all of you for a spot in line with a bowl of chili in my hand… Look out, you might end up wearing it!




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