So, we took a picture Tuesday night (above) of the sign on the side of the Bass Pro Shops building in North Utica. Only one letter was "missing." That represented a little progress from the TWO letters that had been burned out for quite some time (below):

Credit: Dave Coombs/TSM

So, maybe they're on the case and slowly getting the sign back up to full strength? Well, not so much, because Wednesday morning, the "A" was out again, but the "R" was re-lit.

Credit: Dave Coombs/TSM

Now we're thinking the folks at Bass Pro Shops are just messin' with our heads. Of course they ARE getting some play out of this. WE'VE noticed. And perhaps others have, too. Whether it translates into additional customers and revenue, who knows?

WHAT is going ON over there? Stay tuned for the latest on this hard-hitting story....