Yesterday I decided to load up my car with gallon jugs to embark on a journey to Frankfort Memorial Park, home to free flowing naturally great tasting spring water!

Over the summer, the Village of Remsen took second place in the "Best Tasting Water" contest at the New York State Fair. The Capital Region community of Rotterdam walked away with the first place victory.

"The New York State Department of Health congratulates Rotterdam on capturing the 2014 bragging rights to the best-tasting tap water in New York State," said Commissioner Zucker. "Having great tasting tap water encourages the healthy habit of consuming water. That is good for the person drinking it, for their wallet, for their health and for the environment." (Health.NY.Gov)

My family lives in Rotterdam Junction so I had an opportunity to taste the "pride of Rotterdam" this past weekend. First off, let me start by saying that the water there is very, very wet!  It also happens to be quite tasty! Other runners up in the contest include: the Village of Canandaigua, the Village of Malone, and the City of White Plains.

Yesterday I ventured down to Frankfort Memorial Park to taste the spring water that's free of charge and flowing freely! When I was little, my grandparents used to get water there because theirs' at home had lots of sulfur in it. I filled up several jugs of the crystal clear water. This may be the best tasting spring water I've ever tried. If it's delicious and free, it's for me! I let the camera roll while I was there and here's what took place!


Just Jen and I chatted about Frankfort Memorial Park. Play the video directly below the Just Jen header to hear the segment!

Just Jen


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