Walmart says you can save time and money with their new CNY curbside pickup service. We decided to try it ourselves.

Grocery shopping can be a real chore. Between the lines, the other shoppers, and all the stuff you put in your cart that you don't really need, you can end up spending more time and money than you really want to. Plus, if there's a way I don't have to get out of the car when it's freezing outside - I'm in.

Here's how it works:

  • Download the app. (Although I found it easier to actually place my order using an actual computer.)
  • Select a pick-up time and place your order - you also pay online. You can schedule a pickup time for today or tomorrow. Our experience is that those pickup times get filled up quickly, so either plan ahead, or place your order early.
  • Walmart sends you an email when your order is ready, and - via the app - you let them know when you're on your way. The store can actually track you via the location service on your phone so they know when you arrive. James, the associate who helped us, was waving to us as we pulled up to the New Hartford Walmart.
  • Your groceries get loaded into the car by an associate who also lets you know if they had to make any substitutions in your order, and gets your okay. I signed his little mobile device and voila - done.
  • Drive away. 

It was quick and easy, and we never had to get out of the car in the freezing temperatures. When we got home, everything was there, and even the produce was as nice as if I had chosen it myself - except for a couple of mushy grape tomatoes.

There's no charge for the service, and the associates can't accept tips. All in all, we ended up spending less - no impulse purchases - and the service forced me to do a little menu planning. We probably saved over 90 minutes of time using the curbside pick-up. We would definitely try this again.

Have you tried any of the curbside pick-up services at a local grocery store? Did you like it or not? 



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